According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in 2015/16 4.5million estimated days of work were lost to workplace injuries, with 152,000 injured employees needing more than seven days off work. Safety is a priority for all responsible businesses in every industry, the safety of your employees and members of the public should be carefully considered in each aspect of everyday work life.

PUWER stands for the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and aims to safeguard your employees while operating equipment at work. PUWER regulations ensure that all reasonable and necessary steps are taken to prevent injury in the workplace when dealing with all types of machinery.

Although the rate of self-reported non-fatal injuries has halved over the last 15 years, thanks largely to PUWER, there is always room for improvement in the safety of your business. Here at Pilz, we have the aim of improving the safety of your employees in the workplace and we can achieve that through our risk assessments, safety training and system implementation.

Safety Training

Many injuries at the workplace occur from handling, lifting or carrying and a slip, trip or fall, most of which can be prevented with basic guidance and training. As part of our PUWER inspection we provide full training to employees who operate machinery and their supervisors, so that anyone involved has a full understanding of the safety and dangers of the equipment.

Regardless of the country of your location or the origin of your machinery we will supply experienced safety specialists to take your team through a tailored demonstration for each piece of equipment.

We base our training on practical examples and exercises as we believe it is the best method for getting your employees to learn and remember the correct procedures. As the leader you are responsible not only for your own safety but for the security and safety of those you lead. Helping them to understand the basic safety principles that can save your employees from harm.

One of the hardest notions to come to terms with in safety is to figure out what you do not know yet. This can be called unconscious incompetence, this concept is where the management of a company are unaware of knowing what they do not know.

This can be a scary concept in safety as the attitude to safety can be trial and error. To better protect your workers our experts are able to give advice in every field of any industry, so that they can inform your team of anything that they have missed or any areas of safety that they do not know about.

Safety throughout the Company

The larger your organisation is, the harder it can be for information to pass its way up the hierarchy. The employees who use equipment regularly are the ones who often spot potential risks first. Ensure that your workplace has a suitable policy for recording of potential risks.

Our PUWER inspections include a full risk assessment and audit of all your equipment to guarantee that everything is in full safe, working order. It is best practice to keep an eye on equipment and when machinery is relocated or damaged that another inspection is undertaken to make sure that it continues to work safely.

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