6% of fatal injuries across the UK in 2015/16 occurred from coming into contact with moving machinery, with an additional estimated 44,000 self-reported cases of non-fatal injuries in the workplace. Machine safety and training are more important than ever to ensure that these numbers are kept to a minimum and ensure your employees are staying safe in their working environment.

PUWER and Machine Safety

PUWER regulations cover everything that falls under work equipment; this can vary from anything such as individual laboratory apparatus right through to complex production lines. These regulations aim to prevent injuries and fatal accidents before they can occur. As a mandatory requirement, these regulations are what the HSE checks against when investigating.  Adhering to all of these regulations will help to ensure these accidents will not occur.

Machine safety is important as injury can be caused in so many ways. With the correct safeguarding procedures and training, injuries can be avoided before they can happen. Risk assessments in the workplace are a requirement and help to identify and control the hazards in your workplace, keeping risks at bay before they can affect workers. These risk assessments should cover everything to do with your machinery.

Workplace injury from machinery does not only have a devastating physical effect on the individual, but there are both emotional and financial implications. From a corporate perspective, accidents can cause major disruption to business operations. Many of these accidents can be prevented with the correct guidance in machine safety.

What can you do?

Risk assessments represent a pro-active approach to working environments, helping employers identify and reduce hazards to ensure their employees are kept safe, and in turn reducing substantial costs later on down the line. Risk management goes further than just the employers; employees have a duty to ensure that anything out of the ordinary is pointed out to a senior member of staff, although it is down to management to ensure all employees are aware of the correct procedures throughout their business.

Easy-to-read signs are a major player in machinery safety. Keeping these posters in areas that are highly visible and prominent in their design ensures easy access and greater understanding across your team. This also includes signs or rules that need to be read by employees. All people operating or working with machinery should be fully trained on the specific equipment.
With a proactive approach covering planned maintenance of all equipment, sufficient and competent supervision, and many workplace accidents can be prevented before they can occur.

Be in the Know with Pilz PUWER

Pilz PUWER offer inspections to check all machinery against the PUWER regulations, ensuring all machinery is fit-for-purpose and safe for those using them. This includes a report for areas that can be improved in the future. We also offer seminars in machinery safety, as well as complete training to keep your employees safe at work. Speak to a member of the team today, to find out what Pilz PUWER can offer your business.