With the New Year comes new beginnings, as well as being a time of year when business owners look ahead for the coming months. The safety of your employees, customers and members of the public are paramount to every company and Pilz PUWER are committed to safety by providing PUWER Assessments for businesses across the UK. We also conduct machine safety courses for Directors and staff to provide further education in keeping safe at work.

In 2013/14 illness and injuries cost the UK economy over £14billion, with around a third of that due to injuries.  A PUWER Inspection with training can save time and money during a project configuration phase, whilst ensuring the safety of staff and visitors.

A Pilz PUWER training course is presented by highly qualified and experienced experts in health and safety, with each member having many years’ of practical experience in industry. We provide various levels of expert coaching, from basic machinery safety training to City & Guilds safety courses.

Our training is for all manufacturers and end-users of machinery and work equipment. PUWER can be quite difficult and complex to understand, but our specialists offer practical solution based training for your machine safety issues.

Our all day training courses give peace of mind knowing that the benefits are minimising downtimes and reducing commissioning times with the knowledge from our trainers who are always happy to help and answer any questions. We offer learning experiences based on practical exercises and examples that help our clients learn in the best way.

Some of the most frequent causes of injury are manual handling, slips and trips with higher rates of injury shown to affect less experienced workers. This shows that even with a basic understanding of PUWER, many accidents can be prevented.

The approved code of practice and guidance (ACOP) for PUWER states that duties or responsibilities are placed on the employers, self-employed and people who have control of work equipment. It is a legal duty to discuss matters relating to health & safety in the workplace with employees. Getting an understanding of machine and work equipment safety will ensure that employees are working in a safe environment and that safety is the top concern for your company.

Pilz PUWER cover all industries from food and drink to manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, meaning that we can add value and save any business time and money. To keep up to date with our latest training dates follow us on Twitter and visit our training section for more information.