Who we are

As a leading innovative automation company, Pilz are experts in the safety of people, machines and the environment. Driven by the vision of ‘The Spirit of Safety’ our team is committed to safety, providing worldwide customer-orientated solutions to support the automation of plant and machinery.

As part of Pilz commitment to safety we undertake PUWER Inspections. PUWER stands for the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. These regulations came into force in 1998 and were formerly known as PUWER98. Across the UK PUWER is necessary to ensure that all machinery provided for use at work is safe and operated correctly.

The safety of your employees is paramount, are you covered under PUWER?

What we do

Pilz PUWER work together with your company to ensure you are meeting these regulations right across your business.  Our team carry out PUWER Inspections, providing you with a comprehensive report for each item of work equipment. This report covers all aspects of your inspection, as well as including a breakdown of your hazard types and risks found during our team’s visit. This will help to ensure you are meeting and exceeding all regulations under PUWER and that machines are kept maintained in a safe condition with regular inspections.

PUWER is there to keep yourself and your employees protected at work. To do this we carry out inspections to ensure your business meets all of the regulations under PUWER. These regulations require that the machinery provided for use at work is suitable for its intended use, as well as ensuring correct installation and adequate training, instruction and information is provided for those who operate it. This also includes ensuring all machinery is safe for use, was installed correctly and is able to maintain these levels of safety during use. The regulations also ensure all machinery is used in accordance with specific requirements such as mobile work equipment and power presses. You can find the complete government HSE guidelines for PUWER here.

How we can help your business

It is employers who are required to assess the risks to the health and safety of every individual in their workplace. Full responsibility therefore sits with the employer if anything was to go wrong. Over the 2014/15 year 27.3 million days were lost due to work-related ill health or injury. By carrying out a PUWER inspection you are significantly reducing the risks that accompany workplace accidents and ensuring the safety of those under your care.
Pilz PUWER is there to ensure the provision of safe work equipment throughout the lifetime of its use, no matter its age, condition or origin. This creates a safe and healthy environment for all those who will be using the equipment, as well as meeting all regulations enforced in the UK covered under PUWER.