PUWER stands for The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. The regulations came into force on 5 December 1998 and was formerly known as PUWER98. 
The main objective of PUWER is to ensure the provision of safe work equipment throughout the lifetime of its use, regardless of its condition, age or origin. 

The regulations require that machinery provided for use at work is:
  • suitable for it's intended use
  • safe for use - including keeping it maintained in a safe condition with regular inspections to ensure it is installed correctly and that its level of safety doesnt subsequently decline
  • used only by people who have received adequate training, instruction and information
  • accompanied by suitable health and safety measures, such as protective controls and devices
  • used in accordance with specific requirements - mobile work equipment and power presses
There is some overlap between PUWER and other sets of regulations, for more detailed information about this visit the HSE website or contact us at Pilz to discuss a PUWER inspection further.