Work equipment and machinery should be inspected at the following times according to PUWER;

1)    When the safety of the equipment or machine is determined by its installation it must be inspected ;
       a.    When it is first installed and before it is put into service for the first time. 
       b.    When it has been moved or relocated to a new site or location
This is to ensure that the machinery or equipment has been installed correctly and is operating safely. 

2)    When equipment has been exposed to conditions causing deterioration which is liable to result in a dangerous situation it must be inspected;
       a.    At suitable intervals
       b.    Each time that exceptional circumstances have occurred that could jeopardise the safety of the work equipment or machinery. 
This is to ensure that any deterioration can be detected and fixed in good time.

The guidance section for regulation 6 of the PUWER Approved Code of Practice & Guidance (ACOP) L22 (edition) has further information relating to PUWER inspection intervals. 

If your machinery meets any of the above criteria give us a call to discuss your PUWER assesment needs.