The approved code of practice and guidance (ACOP) for PUWER (formerly PUWER98) states that duties, or responsibilities, are placed on the following;
  • Employers
  • The self employed
  • People who have control of work equipment

Employer's Duties
  • To ensure that work equipment and machinery provided to your employees (including self employed that are working for you) complies with PUWER.
  • To discuss matters relating to health & safety in the workplace with your employees. This is a legal duty. 

Self-Employed People’s Duties
  • To ensure that the work equipment and machinery you provide for work or use at work complies to PUWER

The Duties of Those in Control of Work Equipment
  • To ensure that the work equipment and machinery complies to PUWER if you provide it for use at work, where you do not control its use or the premises where it is to be used. 

For further information on PUWER duties refer to the guidance section for regulation 3 in the PUWER Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACOP) L22 (edition).

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