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What does PUWER stand for?

PUWER stands for The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. PUWER Regulations came into force on 5th December 1998.

What is PUWER?

The main objective of PUWER is to ensure the provision of safe work equipment throughout the lifetime of its use, regardless of its condition, age or origin. 

Who’s responsible?

Every employer is required to assess the risks to the health and safety of people in their workplace. The regulations not only require employers to provide suitable and safe work equipment and machines, but also to consider working conditions and any risks to the health and safety of personnel, this includes providing appropriate training. To find out more on responsibilities, click here.

What does PUWER apply to?

PUWER applies to the provision and use of all work equipment and machinery, in short, anything from a tool to a single machine to an assembly plant. Click here for our guide on what exactly is defined as work equipment for PUWER.

PUWER Inspections with Pilz

Our PUWER Inspectors will inspect your machinery against PUWER and provide a comprehensive report for each item of work equipment. For any non conformance highlighted Pilz will conduct a risk evaluation as specified in the standard EN ISO 12100: 2010

You will receive a draft report prior to your PUWER Inspector leaving site, once it has been quality checked in our head office, your final PUWER inspection report will be emailed to you. If requested a hard copy can be be sent out and your PUWER Inspector can even re-visit site to present the findings of the report.  

An executive summary is included in the report, covering the results of the assessment including a graphical representation of your hazard types and risk levels. 

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How much does a Pilz PUWER Inspection cost?
The total cost is dependant on the size, quantity and complexity of the machinery being inspected. We will base our quotation on the information you provide, such as machine images, drawings or site layout, if required we can attend site to gather the neccessary information to provide a detailed quotation.  To enquire about a Pilz PUWER Inspection use the quick contact form.  

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